Looking for Anita
Hard to put down! Up there with Eat Pray Love, a heartfelt novel about friendship, nostalgia, romance, and Spain
Reviewer: Lori B., U.S.

"After picking up Looking for Anita, I just couldn’t put it down. I was so anxious to read what happens next yet trying to slow myself down to savor every sentence. The story was so well-crafted as the author wove memories and doses of culture into this poignant novel. Similar to my enjoyment of Eat Pray Love, I absolutely adored reading Looking for Anita, and can’t wait to get my hands on Enzo’s Mamma and her next book."

Enzo's Mamma
Read Enzo’s Mamma in one night…couldn’t put it down!!
Reviewer: Linda Chek, Sparta, North Carolina

"Talk about a page-turner! As first novels go, this one's got it all: an emotionally charged storyline, believable and relatable characters, and a realistic, satisfying ending. The author has a remarkable turn of phrase, with language elevated enough to demand your focus yet facile enough to draw you into the story and its many twists. Any mother--no, any PARENT--will feel the pain and outrage of the main character, Millie, and suffer along with her on her road of trials. And any human being will be able to laugh and cry along with Millie as her story reaches its very real conclusion, though hopefully not its end. Kudos, Ms. Ramer...we're waiting for the next one!"

Enzo’s Mamma: A Perfect Story for the Big Screen
Reviewer: Andrea Colin, Florida

"Kudos for the author and her first novel! This is a story of hope and growth. The author allows us to see how Millie, the main character, matures thanks to or because of the difficulties and suffering that she has to endure. She makes mistakes (...and who doesn't?), but she comes out of them as a better person. The story is told by Millie in retrospect, which allows her to reflect on the motives that prompted her and others to act in a given way; as part of her inner analysis, she laughs about herself and we laugh with her. The author gives us the gift of a happy ending, which in this crazy world that we're living in, is very welcome. A book for optimists, with hints of humor and beautiful descriptions of Bologna. I highly recommend it."

I loved Enzo’s Mamma!!!
Reviewer: Aura Lemoine, Weston, Florida

"It's a beautiful story of love, sacrifice, endurance and forgiveness. It really made me cry, thinking of what a mother is capable of doing for her children. I absolutely loved the descriptions of Italian places and the meaningful conversations between Millie and Enzo. Really enjoyable! I can't wait for the next novel from this author. Highly recommended."