Friday, July 30, 2010

On Samantha (Or, The winner is...)

Okay, so in my mind's eye, the closest celebrity snapshot I could find to resemble Samantha is actress Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls). The two pics below are how I imagine Sami in her 20s, when she first arrives in Seville, and then a bit later, after a comfortable adjustment to expat life.
According to reader comments, Al at Publish or Perish was the closest. Actually nailed it. (And dare I say, he might like to nail Lauren Graham? Sorry, Al, shouldn't have gone there, but I did.) Speaking of Al, I want to congratulate him on finally being able to hold in his hands a hard copy of his novel, Veiled in Shadows, soon to be available online. (That's your prize, Al, for guessing Samantha's appearance correctly - a free plug!)

Thanks, everyone, for playing along. Happy Weekend!


  1. I was HOPING you'd put me out of my misery today. I don't do suspense well!

    thanks for the link...don't think I've met Al yet...time to go say hi, I think!

    What's gotten into you today? First the pulled pork and now nailing. ;)

  2. Well I did nail it, I guess I must have read your mind :-)
    Thanks for the plug! It really means a lot, thank you again.

    Now I have to say, I agree with Vicki. What is with you today?
    Girl, get your mind above your waist :-)

  3. I'm shocked by all this double entendre....
    Fun post. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonsong

  4. Wendy--You just won a random daily prize in my 18 day random question/prize blog party!

  5. The hero of three of my fantasies, Samuel McCord, looks in my mind like Tom Selleck in QUIQLEY DOWN UNDER.

    At the start of my writing his adventures, it helped to picture him as I wrote as Quigley. Now, it comes second nature.

    You have an insightful, fun blog, Roland

  6. General note to all: Occasionally I am raunchy. Not too often, just sometimes. It is part of who I am. Does anyone remember the 1970s play Free to Be You and Me? I do not intend on offending, just finally feeling free to be who I am. :-)

  7. She is pretty, not far removed from how I imagined her.

  8. I took absolutely no offence, I saw your comment as playful.
    My response was intended as fun too, I was not intending to indicate displeasure. Nuance is hard to convey in a few characters.
    Enjoy being you!

  9. Yep. Based on your excerpt, I can totally see that.