Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Bucket Lists (Or, Wollen wir tanzen?)

I've never given thought to a bucket list, mostly because I can't imagine what would happen if I managed to accomplish all the items. Would that mean it was time to kick the bucket? Or time to make a new list? I'd spend a lifetime making lists, checking them off, and then chasing after new lists, which feeds the possibility of frightening addictions if you ask me (which I know you didn't, but you get my two cents' worth anyway).

That nonsense having been said, I was watching an episode of Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe, and everything changed for me in about two minutes, which was about how long she spent on the segment in Vienna, Austria that would inspire item #1 on my bucket list.

She danced at a Viennese Ball.

The Vienna Ball season runs annually from the New Year through February. The above shot shows the opening of a ball where the debutantes open the dance with the first Waltz of the evening. After they've done their rounds, the public joins in for the rest of the evening. And apparently "the public" could be anybody. Yeah, even you or I could buy a ticket to a ball, don our finest threads, and dance like princesses in venues worthy of royalty but open to Joe Schmos like us. I watched Samantha Brown glide across the floor doing the Waltz - which, for the record, is a relatively simple dance to learn - and looking so fairy-tale elegant that I said out loud (and I was alone when I said this), "I want that to be me."

At this point, I should mention that I've been coveting Samantha Brown's job for years, but this is the first time I actually believed it possible for me to have that kind of moment...that is, without having her meet up with an accident for me to get there.

As soon as my husband came home, I told him about my new bucket list, the one with only one item on it. He was nonplussed.

Hubby: With all the worldly adventure out there to conquer, you want to dance the Waltz at a Vienna Ball?
Me: Yes. I mean, Ja.
Hubby: I want to go white-water rafting on the Colorado River, class 5 rapids.
Me: Wunderbar. Enjoy.
Hubby: You want to Waltz in Vienna. (a statement, but it's filled with incredulity)
Me: You don't like dancing. I get it. But think of the level of THAT challenge - learning the Waltz so you could take me to Vienna and treat me like a princess, just for one night of fairy-tale romance.
Hubby: (the ultimate romantic, truth be told) OK. As soon as I win the lottery - item #1 on MY bucket list.

I may not have a date on the calendar for my Viennese Ball, but just dreaming about its possibility fills me with hope...which I guess is the main purpose of a bucket list anyway.

What say you? What's on your bucket list?


  1. Pretty much every country in the world. There are so many beautiful places I want to see. That's why I'm never kicking the bucket. I have too many things to do and see. I will be living forever.

  2. I want to go to England and wander around the countryside seeing where all my favorite books were written. Oh, and I want to see lots and lots of castles. I LOVE castles--or the idea of them since I've never actually been in one.

    I hope you get to Vienna...does that mean you're going to hit the rapids at some point in exchange?

  3. I love Samantha Brown, too!!!

    I've enjoyed every place I've been, and through the magic of other bloggers' blogs, I enjoy so many more.

    New here. *waving, hello* I noticed you on Nicole's blog. Like your place a lot:)

  4. I always think about the Jane Austen-type dances, as featured in Pride & Prejudice. Lovely.

  5. I think you should go for your Viennese waltz!

    My husband and I went to the Venice carnival and I look back on it with great fondness. I spent most of the time in a mask and a cloak and it was wonderful! Now I'm not well enough to tackle all the steps in Venice so I'm really glad I went when I could.

    So my advice (for what it's worth): Go for it!

  6. Hannah~ You make me think of the Queen song, "Who Wants to Live Forever?" Are you, by any chance, into vampires? ;-)

    Terry~ Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you!

    Julie~ For some reason, I'm having a hard time envisioning you in Jane Austen-type garb. Oh yeah, it's probably the margarita and the Xanax tainting the image ;-)

    fairyhedgehog~ Hubby and I did the Venice carnival (1995...were you there?). Much fun and debauchery, for sure.

  7. My #1 -- and only, to this point -- bucket list item is to try "open mic night" at a comedy club sometime.

    I think I have the humor chops to not have people throw things (batteries, tomatoes, rabid wolverines) at me, but I'm painfully shy and get nervous at the mere thought of being in front of people... so maybe the throwing would commence?

    Well, maybe the two would balance out and the audience would only pretend to throw things (imaginary rocks, imaginary sharks, imaginary rock-throwing sharks)?

    Yeah, that's probably the "best case."

  8. I've always wanted to travel the most un-touristy places in the world. Mongolia, India, the Philippines.

    Unfortunately, my hubby prefers room service.

  9. Attending a ball would be on my bucket list too. Too much Pride and Prejudice, I suppose. :)

  10. I soooo envy Samantha Brown too! I REALLY want to go to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon...(hint for hubby) for our 25th anniversary next year....I saw a special on it on TV, and OMGoodness, it's amazing! I hope you get to go the Vienna, Wendy...

  11. I want to be interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. I've got to figure out how I am going to manage that one.

  12. I want to be on the segment from that British show, "Top Gear" where they put a Star in an Affordable Car. But as this seems to necessitate first being famous, I don't see it happening any time in the next few decades.

    Oh, I also want to someday own a powder blue Vespa.

    Don't forget you'll need a tiara for your Viennese ball. You could start working on that now. Nobody needs to know it's all hot-glued sequins.

  13. How awesome would that be, to dance at a Vienna Ball. Yep, that's going on my list. ;)