Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the Sunshine Blog Award (Or, I’m kvelling!)

I am new to the blogosphere – only been here since February 5th, in fact. But this morning, I’m breaking from routine in a big way. I usually blog weekly, Thursday mornings being my post days, and this morning I posted my latest entry. But at 4:00pm, it’s already playing second fiddle to my exciting news...

I’ve been given the Sunshine Blog Award by fellow blogger, Julie, The Wife. And I am kvelling! For those unfamiliar with Yiddish vernacular, it means I’m so excited that my pits are sweating. Okay, maybe that’s not a literal translation, but I am incredibly honored and excited enough to re-blog (is that a word?) on the same day as my crazy post about living in Ikea. (Please see below this post for more details.)

So as a recipient of the Sunshine Blog Award, I have some rules to follow.

First, after posting the award on my blog, I must pass on the award to five other bloggers. This is actually challenging since I haven’t yet developed an extensive bloglist. (Remember, I’ve only been here 5 weeks.) And I don’t want to throw this award around casually since it means I am honoring those who bring a ray of sunshine to my days through their inspiring and “sunshiny” blogs. And since I can’t reaward those already awarded (Aleighopolis and Anissa off the record), here’s how I’m handling it:

1. Eternal Moonshine of a Daydreaming Mind, and…

2. Megan Rebekah Blogs....and Writes: both great writers’ blogs that always make me smile.

3. Sweatpantsmom: very fun. Thanks for the sunshine.

4. Unauthorized Insights by Alan Williamson:. Alan, I hope this inspires you. As one of my writer’s group colleagues, your humor column has always made me laugh, and I’d like to see more of that ilk in your blogs, which are clever but a bit too short for me. I WANT MORE! So spread your sunshine generously, dude.

5. What Could Happen?: I salute you Julie Powell. Even though you don’t post very often, you were the first blog I searched back in February. And it was through you that I found Julie, The Wife, who led me to everyone else!

Second, I must link these recipients in my post.

Third, I must comment about this award on their blogs.
Will do.

Fourth, I must link Julie, The Wife's blog, A Day in the Wife, since she honored me with this award.

And fifth, I must list five things about myself. Okay. Here it goes…

1. I had so much fun taking those pictures in Ikea. Thanks to my bud, Linda, for all her photography help.

2. I have a menstrual headache today…argh! (But receiving this award has helped.)

3. The weather in South Florida sucks today. (But again, this award has sent a ray of sunshine into these dreary skies.)

4. I had yummy lunch with my husband today since I’m on spring break from the college and therefore could.

5. My kids are growing up too fast. I’ve tried pressing on their heads and stepping over them when they’re lying on the floor watching TV, but they resist my efforts and keep getting taller and more mature. Maybe I should take away their food???

So that’s it. (For those who don’t know me well yet, please don’t take the food deprivation thing seriously.) Now those who have been awarded have to follow these rules and help spread the honors. I’m walking on sunshine, and so should you!


  1. Wow! What a perfect day to get the sunshine award, I really need it :)
    The rain here has finally stopped but the sun is still hiding.
    Thanks so much for the award!

  2. Congratulations on the award. You must be doing something right this early in your blog career.

    Just so you know, like someone else said in an earlier post, your blog is not showing up in my sidebar. Beats me why.

  3. Matt, My only guess (as I told Julie The Wife) is that my address was changed. I believe you got to me from MeganRebekah, who found me through Julie the Wife, who probably still has the old address. Please check the hyperlink to ensure it says: Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much Wendy! I'm so honored -- you made my day!

  5. Curse you, Wendy! You beat me to this post! Wait, that's not sunshiney. My apologies. Thanks for the shout-out. Perhaps I broke the unwritten rules by listing you again on my blog, but I felt it was a must. We begin this journey together.....

  6. Congrats on the award! I LOVE your blog! I had to catch up tonight - I think my favorite is when you talk about going back to the house you grew up in ... it really hit home. When I last saw the my house on SW 106th Street it had Christmas Lights that stayed up all year long. I looked so sad and so small - not at all the house of my memories. But you post made me remember the pink shag carpeting and the white furniture with the white chair with the hot pink vinyl chairpad. You make me think and you make me smile. You have a gift and it is wonderful that you are sharing it with the world!

  7. Thanks Monica! Since we share some similar memories, I'm not surprised that this is the entry that touched you ;-)