Thursday, April 22, 2010

On the New Blogger/Alien Dictionary (Or, Do you speak Eukzy?)

First and foremost, let me thank Roxy at A Woman's Write for the Supportive Comments Award.

Since this award is about offering support, I pass it onto the six people who contributed to this post, plus one extra for offering her condolences on the loss of my cat (very supportive, indeed) ;-(

The winners are:
B. Miller
Nicole Ducleroir at One Significant Moment at a Time
Courtney Barr at Southern Princess
KLM at A Rock in My Pocket
Terresa at The Chocolate Chip Waffle

And now, as promised, I welcome you to the New Blogger/Alien Dictionary (very abridged version), "comade" with my Followers. Here you will find an introduction to this newly-discovered language, which has infiltrated Blogger's Word Verification system. I hope you'll be able to glean some insight into the twisted minds of both the aliens trying to take over the Internet and your fellow bloggers.

I wish to note that this idea was borrowed from Denae at My Real Life Was Backordered, as suggested by Kaylie.

coitted - (vb.) To coit.; This is the real description for when you go to cut paper with scissors but your scissors just glide through, so you don't cut the page, you coit it.
(by Jayne)

comake - (vb.) to collaborate on making something; ex: "Hey, wanna comake these cupcakes with me?"
(by B. Miller)

impol - (n.) 1) Textspeak for impolite; 2) The Instant Messenger Secret Police; (adj.) anything skuzzy
(by Fairyhedgehog)

Neddis - (n.) An insult directed at annoying people named Ned
(by Nicole Ducleroir at One Significant Moment at a Time)

chemi - (n.) Eukzyman's favorite happy dance *see PROPER NOUNS for clarification*
retalipt - (catch phrase), Eukzyman is tight lipped on the issue.
(both by Courtney Barr at Southern Princess)

Exabiesp - (interjection) An expression of joy. Ex: Is that chocolate for me? Exabieeeeeeeeeesp!
(by KLM at A Rock in My Pocket)

bilad - (n.) a subgroup of quadrupeds
(by Samantha Bennet at Show and Tell)

Eukzyman - (n.) the self-elected leader of the aliens
(by me)

Vladimon - (n.) Eukzyman's second in command (He used to be a Bulgarian wrestler.)
(also by KLM)

Now, here's an entire sentence involving the famed ruler, Eukzyman, so you can see other vocabulary in practice:
Undinats nuballi vachesti. Dicatele ingdede consin, Eukzyman!

Which translates in English to:
Check out this blogger. She is awesome, Eukzyman! (spoken by Vladimon and taken from my previous post, On Word Verification - 4/15/10)

Well, I hope this brief dictionary has, at the very least, entertained you today. It should help explain why I refuse to remove Word Verification from my comments's just too much fun! If you'd like to become a "comaker" of this dictionary and help expand the content, I'm happy to hear your long as it isn't anything too "impol".


  1. These are fun!

    Thank you so much for the award. I won't actually put it on my blog (which is being an award-free zone at the moment) but I do value the sentiment!

  2. FHH~ Understood. I often feel overwhelmed by the awards mostly b/c I hate selecting future recipients for fear of slighting someone.

  3. Congrats to the award winners! I'll check out their links!

  4. First I would like to acknowledge our alien leader Eukyzman for allowing me to utter 'retalipt' without any major punishment...

    Next I must thank Eukyzman's favorite blogger, Wendy! You definitely made me smile with this award and I am honored! Congrats to you as well for receiving it - you definitely deserve it.

    Thank you also for the extra links - I understand these are Eukyzman Approved! right?


    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

    word verif: Chemi - Eukyman's favorite happy dance

  5. *Eukyzman's

    incorrect spelling above - don't want to anger we know what gender???

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  6. Now I can't wait to meet someone named Ned!

  7. Courtney~ Thanks for the addition to the dictionary. I was so happy to add another word that after I updated this post (see above), I did the chemi!

    And for the record, Eukzyman is genderless. Apparently, they are so evolved on their planet that sex is irrelevant. I personally find that attitude a sign of a LACK of evolution, but who am I to argue with such intelligent beings? (See Eukzyman's comment about my talent.)

  8. Firstly, I thank ye greatly for the award! I would give the same one right back to you if you didn't already have it. (Maybe you could use them as book ends?) As Vladimon would say: "Ibita, corvig, Wendy!" Though there is some disagreement among translators, this means, roughly, "Wendy smells better than the fragrant musk of the she-woodchuck." Which is way high praise by any measure, as I'm sure you'll agree.

    Also, girl, you must get up at the crack of dawn. I love to see your comments at my blog so early in the morning. :)

    Good Lord, the word verification word is "gagoop." Swear to God.

  9. Thank you so much! I also want to meet someone called Ned so I can say 'Neddis Impol' with a snooty sneer (if one can speak around a snooty sneer that is). Hm... actually saying that aloud sounds like 'Ned is Simple' ... ooo... maybe the word verification thingy is speaking to us but we have to join up the right words!

    Exabiesp. ex-ab-ieeeeeee-sp
    An exoression of joy. Can be used in many ways, the most common being 'is that chocolate for me? Exabieeeeeeeeeesp!'

  10. KLM~ I'd really love to know your defition for "gagoop". And thanks for the high Eukzy praise. The she-woodchuck must smell like Estee Lauder's "Beautiful".

    Jayne~ This post has been updated to include your latest input. What do you think of this phrase?...Bulog kinga sfun.

  11. Oh those were too funny!

    I just read your comment on another blog. On of my kids has ADHD and AS. :)

  12. Congrats on the awards! And yes, those are definitely entertaining. I actually snorted and had to explain why to my husband. He wasn't impressed (with my snorting, I mean).

    Now even *I*, the self-proclaimed word verification hater will look forward to seeing what the aliens have to say next! LOL!

  13. Stina~Thanks for joining me. Nice to know we have something in common.

  14. TOO funny! Loved the dictionary!!!! Thanks so much for passing that pretty award my way. You made my day!

    Have a great weekend :)

  15. I am ROLLING, this is so hysterical!! Going to have to compose myself before my boss asks why I'm laughing like a hyena. He's got a pretty good sense of humor, but will the humor win out over the fact that I'm not supposed to be here right now? hmmmm.

    (my word was trallali)

  16. Dang, this group is witty! Very impressive. You all make Eukyzman proud.

    Bilad: a subgroup of quadrupeds.

  17. Samantha~ your word has been added to the dictionary.

  18. Comake...collaborate...makes sense to me.