Thursday, April 15, 2010

On Word Verification (Or, Are aliens trying to take over via the Internet?)

Really. Is the word verification thing even necessary? Does it actually protect us from spammers or predators or assassins or whoever we're supposed to be protected from?

And who comes up with these words? I pray to God that they're computer generated, or else there are some sick people out there getting paid to come up with words that border on the lascivious and hygienically vulgar.

Out of my fascination with these words that I have to type without questioning their origin, I began to write some of them down. That’s when I realized what’s really going on here – it’s an alien language.

Don’t believe me? Behold the following sentence, taken directly from my last seven attempts to post a comment on fellow bloggers’ sites:

“Undinats nuballi vachesti. Dicatele ingdede consin, Eukzyman!”

I’m convinced the Eukzyman is their leader, and the aliens in my computer are trying to get a message to him that is of the utmost urgency. In fact, I’m going to Google Translator right now to see what I can make of it.

Hmm…interesting. I was able to loosely translate the message to mean:

“Check out this blogger. She is awesome, Eukzyman!”

O.K., so maybe I shouldn’t be so paranoid. These aliens are actually smart dudes.


  1. I took word verification off my blog for a while, because I felt the little device was questioning my intelligence - 'No, that's NOT a word' I'd answer it. But alas, shortly after someone posted many links to porn sites in my comments. Great marketing, I'm sure all the housewives and mums and churchgoers that read my blog would love to browse a little porn in their spare time. So the word verification is back. But they're still not words.
    Thanks for making me feel a little less insane for focusing on this ;-)

  2. I took word verification off back in Feb. and have had no spam, no porn, no nothing except more comments. It's easier to comment without it. I love to find a blog without it because I think it's a huge pain in the butt. Although if I had Charmaine's problem with porn links I would definitely put it right back up. And probably comment review too. So far I've been lucky. Knock on wood.

  3. So far I am enjoying a word verification - spam free blog *KNOCKSONWOODENTABLE*

    It drives me nuts on some blogs especially when it is a pop up window and I don't realize that the comment did not go through until too late and I have changed sites...yeah...not fun... ;o) But if I do get spam and need to add it, I guess Eukzyman will just have to accept the fact that I am a Princess and when he talks he needs to keep it clean and respectful! ;o)

    I love that you posted about this - it has been on my mind many times before.

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

    word verif: retalipt - def. Eukzyman is tight lipped on the issue....

  4. Wendy, you are very funny! I happen to love word verification. Probably because I am a people pleaser who feels better about herself after carefully typing in the word and getting confirmed on the first try. I imagine my IQ points rising a few numerals each time. I can't take any more rejection! I need that random computer-selected acceptance bad . .

  5. I recently took word verification off my blog. Only two spam comments thus far. You're right though, the words they come up with! Crazy!

  6. There was this fun blog I read recently (Denae at My Real Life Was Backordered), where she had her readers make up definitions for the word verification words. The results were hilarious!

  7. I clearly shouldn't read your posts while drinking coffee!
    Far too messy an experience

  8. You all crack me up.

    Kaylie, I love Denae's idea...I just might steal it.

    Al, Can I take that as a compliment? (As I imagine you laughing so hard that coffee comes out your nose. Sorry, I tend toward exaggeration in my visualizations.)

  9. Oh, I most ardently believe in word verification words. I believe they protect us from all manner of badness: spamming, forest fires, unwanted pregnancy. You name it.

    I like when they're weirdly prophetic. Or sound like the names of Bulgarian wrestlers like Vladimon.

  10. Vladimon is Eukzyman's second in command. Beware.

  11. I think word verification is uncool. And it takes too much time. I used to like it when I'd make up funny sentences with the words, but now it's just an annoyance.

  12. I'm experimenting by taking off the word verification on my blog. So far, no problems.

  13. Thanks everyone for your feedback and opinions about word verification. I think I'm going to stick with it, though, hoping I won't lose any followers in the process. *making big puppy eyes and begging for loyalty*

  14. Hilarious! A recent post by Elana has convinced me to try without it. I'll let you how it goes!

    I'm so glad I found your blog--it's great. :o)

  15. Haha, all hail Eukzyman! But secretly, I was rooting for Vladimon in the election. :)

  16. I've been going word verification/ spam free for a while now, far so good.

    When you visit and comment on a lot of wonderful friends blogs each week, it really does make you happy when you visit the word-ver.-free blogs. It save so much time.

    I adored your fun post, as always, Wendy.