Monday, May 31, 2010

On Spring, (Or, Have you ever seen an indigo daisy?)

Happy Memorial Day! A few weeks, ago, Terresa at The Chocolate Chip Waffle had a contest to write a poem with Spring as the theme. In that spirit, I wanted to share the following poem, written by my 9-year-old daughter for a school assignment. The instructions were to use the first letters of Spring to come up with words or phrases, and they had to incorporate a rhyming pattern. Here is her contribution to the world of poetry:

Sweet flower scents fill the air,
Pink tulips bloom everywhere,
Roots underground push up flowers,
Indigo daisies sprout in just a few hours,
Nothing can stop spring from coming,
Golden drops of sunshine are falling.

Since only in poetry can daisies be indigo, I find this deliciously vivid. And I love her ever-knowing notion that nothing can stop spring from coming.

If you'd like to share a spring poem, post it in the comments, and I'll put together a compilation for my next post. Of course, with summer looming so close (and I say looming as only a South Floridian can), you may choose that season as your inspiration instead. Happy writing....!


  1. It is a lovely poem, your young one is very imaginative.
    Although there are in fact blue daisies down here in Oz. Some varieties of brachyscome daisies are blue enough to almost call "indigo". With a little poetic licence :-)

  2. Cute poem! But it just reminded me of the box of flowers I didn't get planted yesterday.

    I am drawing an absolute blank for poetry. I really ought to do my blog surfing at night when all the neurons are firing!

  3. Great poem!

    I suck at poetry (that includes understanding it), so I have nothing to share even if all my neurons were firing.

  4. That's a great poem! I think you can get blue daisies but I'm not sure what shade indigo is.

  5. Well, I like the idea of these indigo daisies that sprout in just a few hours. They are perfect for my impatience. Actually, aren't impatients a type of flower. I wonder if they sprout quickly.

    How lovely to be raising a poet!

  6. Indigo daisies -- I love that! Your daughter has talent, but that's no surprise. The apple never falls far from the tree :)

  7. I also love indigo daisies! I love even more that your daughter knows the word indigo, I doubt I did at that age. She is obviously incredibly talented! :)

  8. Oh, I like indigo daisies! How fun! I admire the cleverness that poets seem to possess, although I have none of my own :-) But I appreciate the spirit of it!