Friday, October 15, 2010

On Insomnia (Or, An ode to 4:00 AM)

Where are you, Sleep?
I'm waiting here
for you to whisper
in my ear.

I'm too alert,
it's monkey mind
as dreams allude me.
Please be kind

and let the Sandman
do his best
to sprinkle here
a dose of rest.

How will I do
in morning time
when rushing starts
but I must shine?

If you could bring
one taste of sleep,
I won't denounce
the waking beep.

No, no, instead
I'll stretch and sigh,
so grateful for
some brief shuteye.

So please, I beg,
(Have you no shame?)
or else I'll blog
and curse your name!

[5:00 AM note to self: threatening Sleep and writing angry odes do not bring slumber.]


  1. Oh dear.

    I like the poem but lack of sleep is the pits.

  2. I was saying this when I attended the LA SCBWI conference this summer. For some odd reason, I didn't sleep much for the first two days (and it wasn't cuz I was partying too much). I looked a mess (or stoned).

    Hope you sleep better tonight. :D

  3. You've expressed this beautifully. Thanks.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  4. I used to have horrible bouts of insomnia as a child.

    You express the frustration well.