Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On Top of New York, Part II (Or, Virtual and Real Adventures)

Back in May, I posted On Top of New York (part I), and now it's time for the second installment with a few new adventures to report.

First off, fellow blogger Vicki Rocho of Rambles & Randomness was in New York City just days before me. As one of my dearest blog buddies, it broke my heart not to be able to have Iowa and Florida meet up in the Big Apple, so I found a way to make it virtually happen (our friendship is, after all, virtual). Vicki and I shared a meal at Brasserie Maison, just not at the same time. Here's Vicki:

And here am I. You can see that our virtual conversation was so engrossing that our meal started at night and lingered into the morning hours. That Vicki can talk up a storm, I tell ya.

After leaving Vicki at Maison, I headed off for NBC Studios at 30 Rock, where despite my small bust size and the fact that I'm well over 30, the network thought I'd make a good weathergirl. I had intended on posting the video clip, but the DVD I purchased freezes up my computer. So it looks like it ain't happening for now. Just as well, though. My performance wasn't grounds for quitting the day job.

Instead, I'll show you what it looks like when two childhood friends who grew up like sisters hit middle age and decide to travel together for the first time:

My oldest and dearest friend, Suzanne (on the right)

No fighting, no bickering, no faux sibling rivalry - just great times. I'll close by showing off the view from my brother's fabulous apartment, this time a Manhattan sunset:

All in all, another great New York adventure. I look forward to meeting more of my blog buddies either in the virtual world or in reality since some of you have grown dear to me (probably those of you actually reading this). Until that day, however, we will have to rely on our creativity to make these meetings happen. I mean, if NBC can make me a weathergirl, anything's possible!

P.S. Saw American Idiot on Broadway. Hated it. Felt like an American Idiot.


  1. How fun!! I'd love to get back to NYC. Planning on it for the summer.
    We need to see your weathergirl video! :)

  2. What a fun idea! I love the virtual dinner date. :)I'm still bummed we couldn't coordinate a meet up time wen you were in St Pete. But there's always next time.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip--minus the American Idiot show. Yuck.

  3. Wait, you were a NBC weather girl, for real? I need more details! :D NYC is awesome, isn't it? I may be going up for Thanksgiving. My fingers are crossed!!

    Wendy, I'm a couple chapters into Enzo's Mamma, and I LOVE it! You can write, sister! Thinking of you... <3

  4. Ah, I love the virtual meet up! And I agree with Jennifer, bring on the weathergirl video!

  5. Just what I need - an English teacher.

    Hi Wendy, greetings from the rainforest. I think I'm gonna follow this blog

  6. Maybe there's a way someone can get it on YouTube for you and then you can embed it on (or even just link it to) your blog?

    Anywho, I'm glad you and your longtime friend had fun...and kinda sad you didn't get to hang with Vicki.

    We live less than 2 hours from Manhattan and we drive up once a month-ish (to shop, eat, see a show, see friends, etc.), so next time you're up here (before we move south in 3 years) let me know and we can meet up at Maison (or convention/book show, wherever).

    That is a gorgeous sunset shot. :)

    Have a fabulous weekend, Wendy.

  7. How the heck did I miss this??? Must have been when my computer was wire-less. Next time, we'll hit NYC together!