Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Duende (Or, A dedication to what drives me)

If you are not a Spanish speaker, you probably don’t know what duende is. But if you are a writer or any other type of artist, you know it in your soul without even needing to have ever heard the word before. Simplified English translations will tell you duende is a magical elfin creature.

Spanish literature, however, describes duende as something beyond the comprehension of English limitations. It is as intangible as hope yet as necessary to artistic survival as air to our lungs. It is a potpourri of muse, magic, wonder, and fantastical creatures – that Je ne sais quoi or unnamed spirit or inspiration that moves people to great artistry and passion.
Duende is what I found during my time living in southern Spain and what settled itself so comfortably – curling up in a fetal position – deep within in my heart, helping to conceive my novels and continuing to feed the fire of my writing passion.
I give a thousand thanks, or mil gracias, to duende.

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  1. What does it mean that there's no work like duende in the English language? I want one!