Friday, August 24, 2012

On Ghosts

Many people who claim to see ghosts are usually dubbed weirdoes by non-believers. I have never visited a fortune teller (though I have had my tarot cards read), and I don’t follow my daily horoscope (though I do know all the signs of the zodiac). I have, however, always believed in the possibility of a spirit world. I am not so narrow-minded to believe that living beings are the only energy source in the universe. But until last night, I had never claimed to have seen a ghost.
First, a bit of back story:
In 2008, my cat, Pluto, died from a sudden onset of diabetes that ravaged his organs in one month’s time. He was only four years old. His sister, Isabel – a black-and-white like her brother but with longer hair and a whiter face – was left behind and eventually had to learn to tolerate a new sibling kitty. Although it took me a long time to get over losing Pluto (those of you who are owned by cats will understand perfectly), I’ve moved on.
Then came last night.
I was in the home office organizing things when I pulled out one of the computer chairs and discovered a shocking sight. There, lying beneath the desk was Pluto.
For what seemed a full second, we locked eyes; Pluto was that kind of cat who would look right into your soul. I saw his full form and remember hearing myself say aloud, “Oh!” as I thought, There you are. I was wondering where you’d gone. I distinctly remember seeing his short black hair and full black face.
But in that same frozen second in time, my brain processed reality and thought, But he’s dead. A well of tears filled my throat and I felt the pressure rise to my sinuses until the tears poured out my eyes.
I forced myself to blink, and then I saw Isabel. I saw her long hair and asymmetrical white mustache.
I backed up, disbelieving what I knew to be true; Pluto had been there. For one second last night, Pluto came to me. And then he was gone.
As I sat on the other computer chair and cried, Isabel came out from under the desk and tried to make nice to me, purring and begging to be petted. But I didn’t want to touch her. I wanted to figure out what had happened, what exactly I‘d seen, why my brain had played tricks on me. But I had no answers.
I can’t tell you that I suddenly believe I can see dead spirits, but I can tell you that what I saw last night was real. The image was vivid and the energy intense. So intense that it took me over half an hour to calm down. (Isabel, on the other hand, seemed undaunted at the notion of having momentarily been possessed by her brother.)
You may think I’m nuts, but I’m a writer…artists are supposed to be a bit insane, right? That kind of eccentricity is supposed to be charming, I hear. But I’m not sharing this story to be charming. I just feel it’s a story I need to get out.
Anyone else out there ever crossed paths with spirits? I, for one, will never say never when it comes to ghosts and the reality of what we cannot see.


  1. funny ... it was my cat, too ... Fletch.

  2. Wow, Wendy! I What an amazing experience. I absolutely believe spirits are around us all the time. Whether they are residual energy of those who have died or guides here to help us on this trip to Earth School, they are part of our natural world. I haven't been able to sense a ghost -- though I want to! In fact, "Spend the night in a haunted hotel/house." is on my Bucket List. Ha! It's so special that Pluto came to you. I hope he makes more regular visits!

  3. It's a blessing to be able to see or feel the spirits of the dead. Occasionally, I sense my Chelly, and once actually felt her rub against my leg as I was keeping vigil over a dying puppy. I'd like to think she was there to lead him home.

    I hope you get to see Pluto again. It's obvious he still thinks of you and perhaps visits more often than you know.

    1. I think you're right. Many times while I'm having loving time with my other kitty, Chloe (who eventually replace Pluto in the living world), she'll be purring and then suddenly bite me and run away. I've often wondered if Pluto was jealous and showing himself to her.

  4. I definitely like to think loved ones visit and pop back from time to time to say hello. Pluto (and Isabel) are gorgeous looking cats.

  5. I have never seen ghosts, but I do believe that they exist. My mom often feels her mom's presence. To be honest, it kind of freaks me out.

  6. The idea of ghosts freaks me out too. My mother is certain her father visited her soon after his death. I think there are things we don't know.

  7. I absolutely believe you and think it's wonderful! What a cool gift you received! We used to hear our dog's nails on the linoleum long after she passed.

  8. I really liked your article as it is very interesting to read thank you

  9. Hi Wendy, Sibyl here (I don't want to open an account). I don't know if this counts as a ghost encounter. When I was 13 years old, I went to stay with family abroad for the first and only time. I had never met them. They were super-nice and lived in a huge mansion. My aunt told me to take my suitcase to the second floor, in the room at the end of a long hallway. It was noon. As I went upstairs alone, I walked by the door of what seemed to be the master bedroom. There was a toddler, dressed in yellow, standing at the doorway, sucking his thumb. When I turned to see him better and say hello, he was gone. I thought I was just seeing things from the long trip. When I finally went downstairs, my family invited me to sit at the living room, which was totally separate from the foyer and stairs on the first floor. When I sat down, I noticed on a wall that there were portraits of my seven cousins as young children, and there was the portrait of the toddler, dressed in the same yellow outfit... wait a minute... I only have SIX cousins, 4 girls and 2 boys, all above the age of 14. So I asked who the kids in the portraits were. So my aunt explained: This is Adrian, that is Rene, this one is Gladys, etc. She then stopped at the portrait of the toddler and said, -This is your cousin, too, but he died shortly after we took this picture-!!! I was too shocked to say anything.

    1. Hi Sibyl,
      That definitely counts! Awesome and strangely beautiful, I think.

  10. This post was written in August, but since then I've had another encounter:
    A couple of weeks ago, I was standing at the mirror in my bathroom putting on makeup. I was alone and the door was closed. There is a makeup chair that tucks beneath the counter next to my sink, and both of my cats like to sit there from time to time.

    As I was putting on my makeup, I heard the chair slide against the tile as if a cat had jumped off. Then I felt a soft brush against the back of my bare leg as if a cat had rubbed its tail against me.

    I looked down as I said, "Oh, hi there!", expecting to see either Chloe or Isabel, but there was no animal in the room. And the door was still closed.

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